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21.03.20 Chairman's Update - Coronavirus COVID-19

Dear Member & Visitor,

Despite our best efforts to keep clubhouse facilities open we have now been overtaken by events and directed to close our clubhouse through the GovernmentÂ’s blanket closure of pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants from Friday 20th March.

The situation is to be reviewed monthly and we have arrangements in place to bring back clubhouse facilities if and when the prohibition is lifted.

The golf course and changing rooms are to remain open but with restrictions that enable compliance with Government guidance relating to "Social Distancing", "Gatherings" and Personal Hygiene. DO NOT TREAT ANY INSTRUCTIONS OR GUIDANCE AS OPTIONAL AS NON-COMPLIANCE WILL PUT THE CONTINUED AVAILABILITY OF OUR COURSE AT RISK. Some of the guidance and steps we need to take may appear extraordinary but we will continue to do what it takes to remain open. We trust you are reassured and in agreement with the Board's approach.

Updates will be communicated, via the Club Website, email and clubhouse notice boards. Also, information/advice from the office will be available on Saturday mornings.


T.C. Eccleston

On behalf of the Board


Created: 22-Mar-20 09:18


Coronavirus COVED-19

On Thursday we received England Golf’s advice to golf clubs regarding the above. We can’t say that England Golf has adopted our approach or whether the similarity is coincidental, but it is worth noting that our statement was posted on Wednesday.

 Nevertheless, it is comforting that the approach we are adopting appears to have governing body support, at least for the time being.

 Some of the guidance and steps we need to take may appear extraordinary but we will continue to do what it takes to remain open.

 We trust you are reassured and in agreement with the Board’s approach.

 Updates will be communicated, via the Club Website, email and clubhouse notice boards.



TC Eccleston

On behalf of the Board

20th March 2020


Created: 20-Mar-20 12:15

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - 18th March 2020

Leek Golf Club is continuing to monitor the COVID-19 situation and will act in accordance with government advice.

The Course and all facilities will remain open whilst we are able to comply with government guidelines. The situation will continue to be monitored and you will be informed of any changes.

We encourage members to carry on playing golf and will strive to provide the game in the safest possible environment, recognising that the health and wellbeing of playing this great game benefits everybody. However if you are in a COVID-19 high risk category, please remember it is your own wellbeing which is paramount.

In the meantime:

• Members are requested to keep a 2m distance whilst at the Club.

• Personal hygiene requirements must be adhered to.

• No gathering of groups of more than 4 (Golfers are required to arrange their groups prior to arrival, ideally through the BRS online booking system).

• Buggy & trolley hire remains available with equipment sanitised between uses.

• Credit card transactions would be preferred.

• Seating arrangements throughout the Club will be such as to maintain a 2m distance.

• If you choose to play golf but don’t wish to enter the Club House you can change your shoes on the carpark.

• All players should not remove or touch Hole Pins.

• Bunker rakes have been removed.

• The Millennium Hut will remain securely locked until further notice.

• The toilet on the 10th will remain open.

• We may have to introduce additional Local Rules in order to keep playing.

• Please check daily changes to arrangements before play.

• To improve access to information, the Office will be open on a Saturday morning.

Contingency plans are in place to ensure maintenance of the course, but we do ask for your patience if everything is not always how you would like it.

As government information is liable to change we are monitoring the situation and will react when necessary.

Leek Golf Club will do all in its power to continue to offer golf in a safe and secure environment.

Keep calm, wash your hands & continue playing Golf...

Trevor Eccleston


Created: 18-Mar-20 14:46

QUIZ NIGHT - 21st February 2020

Last Friday saw another successful quiz gathering of those gluttons for intellectual punishment! Seven teams gathered: ‘Secret 7’,’Guess Who, Nick’, ‘Better Late Than Never’, ‘Three Birdies and an Eagle’, ‘Playing at Home’, ‘We Know Nothing’ and ‘Saturday Morning Club’. Although a number of regulars were missing, we greeted new faces to teams and were heartened to have a spectator, who promises to join a team next time!

In addition to the usual 8 rounds of 5 questions on a variety of topics, ranging from “Time For a P!” to “Pot Luck” the teams had 3 Bonus rounds to complete throughout the evening. These included a picture round (Name the Heroes), a Word Circle and Spellbound (the letters of answers creating another final answer!). Panic ensued as ‘Saturday Morning Club’ were obviously in a different time zone and hadn’t realised that there were 3 extra bonus rounds and only did 2 :( , this cost them dearly but they seemed happy with the chocolate Smarties booby prize. “Guess Who, Nick” (a team of four) scored well with 119 to win, only three points ahead of ‘Secret 7’, who were only six!

Thanks go to Andy Baxter, our quiz master, who works hard to produce a balanced mixture of easy, searching and teasing questions to suit the quizzers. Lady Captain again thanked everyone for their support of her charity, ‘The Sepsis Trust’, achieving £55. Not forgetting the workers on the night, Chris on the bar and Jayne Baxter, waitress extraordinaire, who served drinks and prepared a warm, welcoming atmosphere for all to enjoy. A welcome profit of £38 + bar takings all benefit the club. The fact that teamsters seemed reluctant to go home was a tribute to the efforts made.

The next quiz and final one before the season will be on March 20th, 7.30pm prompt start. To help with printing of material, can those intending to come give Andy or Jayne a heads up a couple of days before so that we’re not short on copies. We are expecting a great turnout – see you there.


Created: 24-Feb-20 11:03

QUIZ NIGHT - 24th January 2020

Another successful Quiz Night was held last Friday, attracting a very healthy eight teams. The final scores announced at the conclusion reflected an extremely competitive contest, with all the participants waiting with bated breath for the outcome.

There was a great atmosphere, down to the preparation, music and ambient lighting. The imaginative team names, ‘We Know Nothing’, The Dimwits’, ‘No Idea’, ‘As Thick as Chit’, ‘Sue’s Ear’, ‘Playing At Home’, ‘Minus One’, and ‘Second Breakfast Club’ caused some hilarity in pronunciation!

The usual format of eight rounds of five questions plus additional rounds, is straight forward and concise. On this occasion quizmaster Andy Baxter decided to introduce a new skill:- ‘build a Lego tower as tall as you can in the time allowed’. All teams had the same number and types of bricks, so it was quite a challenge as well funny, hearing the sound of Lego blocks tumbling down, and groans of frustration in their renewed attempts to construct the tallest tower. In the end, the shortest was 43cms from ‘We Know Nothing’, compared with the tallest of 121cms from ‘Second Breakfast Club’.

The successful quiz winners were ‘Playing at Home’ with 119 points, receiving a bottle of wine each. The booby prize of a tube of Smarties each was awarded to the ‘Dim Wits’ with 61 points.

The Lady Captain generously offered raffle prizes and was pleased to announce a contribution of £55 to her nominated charity ‘The Sepsis Trust’.

Thanks go to all those who attended, bar staff Tracey, and Andy Baxter for running the show. Jayne Baxter, the ‘goffer’ who also announced a contribution of £45 to club funds + the profit on bar takings.

We intend to hold quizzes before and after the golfing season this year for club funds, so come along and support if you want to have some fun. These quizzes don’t drag on all night, and each one is different. The next one is 21st February, 7.30pm prompt, see you there!


Created: 29-Jan-20 11:20
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