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Leek Golf Club, where the Club supports the members and the members support the Club

The Board aims to introduce and maintain strategies to ensure that Leek Golf Club continues to support its members and offer them the best possible standard of facilities and service possible.

Over the last few months, our situation, like all other clubs, has altered dramatically, and the Board is continually searching for ways of enhancing the golf experience in the safest and most cost effective way possible, and also in a way which ensures the best experience for its members.

The original Business Plan is now being reviewed in order to meet the new and ongoing needs of the members. The plan will be to maintain a progressive best value approach and will aim to provide an affordable, high quality membership package whilst reassuring members of the future direction of the Club. It will continue the Club’s policy of consistency and transparency and will maintain the vision for Leek Golf Club based on its 120 years of success. Members will be encouraged to contribute to its development and continued success.

We will circulate the completed Business Plan as soon as it is ready.

Our Course

Our course offers outstanding views towards the Peak District and provides eighteen distinctly individual challenges with no crossing fairways or blind holes. It is a compact course set on less than 100 acres yet still provides over 6000 yards in length with an SSS of 71.

Our course has been developed and is maintained to be resilient to most weather conditions and offers playability throughout the whole year. It is only in exceptional conditions that you will find the course closed.

Our course is set up to be challenging but fair and maintained so that the poor shot is punished without necessarily involving a long ball-search. Your Board believes that such an approach does much to improve the enjoyment of the game by enabling a four ball to complete a round within four hours.

Your Board is keen to maintain a modest and sustainable development programme.

Our Clubhouse Facilities

A golf club needs clubhouse facilities and your Board is keen to ensure that needs of the members are met, by providing them with the service they require.

We currently offer the following clubhouse facilities: bar, restaurant, bar snacks & refreshments, satellite TV, Wi Fi, 1 snooker table, Bridge Club, private functions - free use of the clubhouse to members.


Leek is a traditional members' club of 120 years standing. It is a private members' club run by members for the benefit of members with no propriety or shareholder interests to be satisfied. Club Rules ensure that major decisions and senior officer appointments are made by members. Furthermore, items of expenditure in excess of £15,000 require specific authorisation from members.

Leek Golf Club is committed to its members and expects a reciprocal long term commitment from members. Your Board believes this is best achieved by retaining an entrance fee.

Golf members who wish to take time out are allowed to transfer to social membership and are entitled to revert to golf membership automatically. Members who resign may be allowed a concession against past entrance fees paid providing a vacancy for golf membership exists. Your Board is committed to a best value fee structure and supports concessions for under-represented sections. Annual subscriptions include governing bodies' fees.

The club maintains a full and varied programme of events and aims to satisfy the needs of all members.

Your Board is committed to the academy approach for promoting golf and the recruitment of new members.

In the best traditions of golf fellowship, Leek Golf Club offers a warm welcome to all visitors. Our new BRS system is designed to meet the needs of the members first, and then to welcome visitors with any other available tee times.


Leek Golf Club has a very active Seniors' Section, which is open to all members who have reached the age of 55 years. The section arranges its own fixtures including the highly successful annual Senior's Open which takes place in June.


Your Board believes that junior membership is a key element in the future success of the Club and supports financial concessions to attract and retain younger members.

Your Board is keen to build on the long established tradition of junior golf and has already introduced a formal Child Protection Policy based on golf's governing bodies' standard, "Guidelines for Safeguarding Children in Golf". Juniors Organisers and a Children's Welfare Officer have been appointed to plan the future programmes for juniors.

Leek Golf Club has been awarded "Golf Mark" status, a national accreditation for the provision of beginner friendly facilities.


Leek Golf Club prides itself on being a successful well-managed club.

Financial stability and continued success of the club is achieved through sound prudent financial management to ensure that running costs are met without reliance on loan or overdraft facilities. A consistent approach to management of the club is maintained through a documented structure of protocols and procedures.

Leek Golf Club is registered as a Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC) and so its future as a golf club is protected.

Your Board is keen to offer an open, transparent, and consistent approach to management. Notes of management meetings are posted and circulated to members through the club's website. Feedback from members and visitors is encouraged and publicised openly, whether favourable or not. All complaints are regarded as an opportunity for improvement. When appropriate, members' views are invited before final decisions are taken and members’ forums have been introduced to ensure two way communication.

Your Board seeks to be forward thinking so as to address issues before they become problems. Regular meetings and planning conferences give the Board the opportunity to explore and develop new proposals for development as well as problem solving.

Your Board employs marketing methods and use of technology. Our BRS online booking system is working well to (1) meet the needs of all members as well as (2) give us data which can then be used to support strategies designed to enhance the Club’s marketing and development plans. Current strategy includes, the club's website, facebook, the local press, competitive visitor fees, introduction of a twilight rate, introduction of golf academies, partnership arrangements with other organisations, increased concessions for members’ guests, visitor bookings, co-operation with the County Union and other clubs.

Our Future

Your Board believes that the above vision accords with the majority view and trusts that members are re-assured as to the future direction and success of Leek Golf Club.

Your Board cannot guarantee to get everything right first time but promises to try.

Any comments, suggestions or additions will be well received and much appreciated by your Board.

Andrew Baxter, Nel Boulton, David Brookhouse


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