Holes in One

There is no doubt that to achieve a hole in one is a remarkable feat (suggested to be 10,000 to 1 for the average golfer).

Members of Leek Golf Club and visitors to the Leek course who achieve such a feat may be eligible to have the occasion recognised officially.


Members who complete a hole in one in an official club competition or whilst representing the club will have the achievement recorded in the club's register below. They will also be presented with a club memento to mark the occasion.

Members who achieve a hole in one in circumstances other than the above will be eligible to have the event recorded below and may purchase an official memento - price £10 which includes engraving.

Visitors who achieve a hole in one at Leek will be eligible to have the event recorded and may purchase an official memento - price £15 which includes engraving, post & packaging.

A hole in one must be witnessed and corroborated by at least one fellow competitor.

In all cases the stroke must have been played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as defined by the R&A.

09.07.17 Maria Wootton Leek Red  New Mills 15th 
07.06.16 Joanne Peacock Leek Red Leek 11th 
31.10.15 Richard Brindley Leek TBC Leek 4th
19.10.15 Alan Yeomans Leek Yellow Leek 7th
18.10.15 Terry Alcock Leek Yellow Leek 13th
01.10.15 Dennis Bourne Leek White Leek 13th 
22.08.15 John Tatton Leek White Leek 4th
16.08.15 Ben Stazaker Leek White Leek 13th
11.07.15 Jake Willshaw (Age 13) Leek White Leek 7th
28.06.15 Ian Hunt Leek White Leek 7th 
26.05.15 Paul Bradley Leek  Yellow Leek 11th
07.04.15 Dorothy Tew Leek Red Leek 7th
30.09.14 Dorothie Cowburn Leek Red Leek 13th
03.08.14 Jayne Baxter Leek Red Leek 7th
26.06.14 Lincoln Boulton Leek   Beau Desert 10th
20.06.14 Dave Gallimore (Captain 2014) Leek   Burton Upon Trent 2nd
14.03.14 Syd Birch (Seniors Captain 2014) Leek Yellow Leek 11th
09.03.14 Chris French Leek Yellow Leek 11th
04.08.13 Dorothie Cowburn Leek Red Leek 4th
05.08.13 Nick Sharratt Leek  Yellow Leek 11th
19.02.13 Maria Wootton Leek Red Leek 9th
19.10.12 Ken Hewitt Leek Yellow Leek 11th
09.08.12 Sally Longhorn Leek Red Leek 4th
27.05.12 Steve Fryer Leek White Leek 11th
13.05.12 Stewart Townsend Leek White Leek 13th
28.03.12 Harry Fearn (Age 11) Leek   Leek 4th
09.03.12 Mark Hodgkinson Leek  Yellow Leek 11th
24.09.11 Frank Colclough Leek Yellow Leek 4th
20.06.11 Andy Damjanovic Leek White The Warwickshire 11th
05.06.11 Peter Robinson Leek White Leek 7th
27.04.11 Manton Tudor-Jackson Leek Red Leek 7th
26.04.11 Paula Parkes Leek  Red Leek 7th
18.04.11 Syd Birch Leek  Yellow Leek 9th
12.04.11 Andy Damjanovic Leek  White Leek 11th
31.10.10  John Cooper Leek   Leek 11th
23.09.10 Stuart Hollins Leek   Leek 11th
19.06.10 Simon Nadin Leek   Trentham Park 7th
03.04.10 Liam Hancock Leek   Leek 11th
23.08.09 Michael Hughes Leek   Leek 4th
09.08.09 John Owen Leek   Leek 13th
16.04.09 Jim Allen Leek   Leek 4th
25.08.94 Andrew Baxter Leek White Leek 4th
16.4.94 Andrew Baxter Leek White Leek 7th
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