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Gentlemen – A reminder:- All members, other than Category 1 players, may now submit Supplementary Scores which count towards you Handicap. Both 9 Hole and 18 Hole cards are acceptable and, along with ‘Competition’ cards, must total at least 54 holes in any year to maintain a ‘Competition Handicap’. i.e. 2x9 + 2x18 / 3x18 / 6x9 / 1x18 + 4x9.

The procedure is as follows:- You declare your intention with the Pro’s Shop before commencing play – You play from the Yellow Tees and your card must be marked by a Player who has a Competition Handicap, and you play under ‘Competition Conditions’ - i.e. you cannot take advice or receive coaching during play.

On completion, your card (whether good or bad), must be submitted. NB- It is your responsibility to ensure that you inform the Pro’s Shop, or the Match Secretary, of your score, especially if you suspect it will mean a change to your Handicap, and this must be done before you enter a later Competition. Otherwise you may then be playing off a wrong Handicap which may well result in disqualification.

It is YOUR responsibility to reduce your own Handicap if you score below Par, but you may not increase your own Handicap if you score above Par.

All of the above is in place to assist members in retaining a ‘Competition Handicap’ if they are unable to play in the required number of Club Competitions.

If you require further information ASK!

M Barker (Match Secretary)


Handicap News

Competition Handicaps

All players must have a Competition Handicap to be able to win a Club Competition or to enter any Club Knockout Competition. Any Member who submitted at least 3 Qualifying Scores in Club Competitions during 2017 has a Competition Handicap for 2018 ( designated by the letter 'c' after their name on the Handicap List ).

To maintain a Competition Handicap a player must submit, at least, 3 Qualifying Scores from Club Competitions for each playing season ( scores cannot be carried over from one season to the next ).

NB. A player may not win a competition from their own club or any other club without a Competition Handicap.

To regain a Competition Handicap a player must submit a total of 3 Qualifying Scores from Club Competitions (which they cannot win) or 3 Supplementary Scores, or a combination of both to a total of 3.

Supplementary Scores

*Supplementary Scores may only be returned at a players Home Club.

* A Supplementary Score must be played over a Measured Course under Competition Play Conditions. The format may be Stroke Play (Medal) or Stableford and the Score must be returned over 18 holes.

* Players must signify their intention of returning a Supplementary Score prior to starting the round by signing in on the computer screen in the Professional's Shop, and play from the Yellow Tees. Their card must be marked by a Member who holds a current Competition Handicap.

* CONGU have relaxed the previous rules to allow an unlimited number of supplementary score submissions per year by removing the restriction of one per week . However the restriction on Category 1 players will remain in place.

* All scores returned will be subject to handicap adjustment based on the SSS of the measured course and therefore only apply when all Yellow Tees are in play.

* A Player in Category 1 with a 'Non-Competition' handicap on the 1st March may return up to a maximum of 3 Supplementary Scores to regain a Competition handicap.

* A player in Category 1 with a Competition handicap on the 1st March may not return any Supplementary Scores until September 1st and then only as many as required up to a maximum of 3 in order to retain a Competition handicap


M Barker

Match Secretary (February 2018)


New Handicap Categories

Category 5 Handicaps - will be allocated during the Annual Review, and be implemented into the coming seasons competitions.

Initially, Division 4 will be extended to include Handicaps up to 36.4 in all Competitions.

However, players with a Competition Handicap of 20.5 > 28.4 (Category 4), who play below their Handicap, will be deducted 0.4 for each shot under par, whereas players with Competition Handicaps of 28.5 > 36.4 (Category 5) will be deducted 0.5 for each shot under par. Handicaps will continue to be increased by 0.1 for all scores outside the ‘buffer zone’

Category 6 Handicaps – It is envisaged that Handicaps of 36.5 > 54 will only be used to assess a beginner’s progress, or help a player who cannot otherwise compete with his peers.

All members should therefore support these players by allowing them to join in with ‘social golf’ and not insist their Handicaps be ‘limited’. Help, by encouraging them to submit Supplementary Scores (as often as they like) to enable the Handicap Committee to adjust their Handicaps where necessary.

It’s worth considering the use of Supplementary Scores as a means of controlling the ‘bandits’ within you Groups!!

There is no intention to use Category 6 handicaps in Club Competitions until we have more information on their ‘take-up’ and the effect they might have on results.

The Continuous Handicap Review will be used at the end of each month during the Playing Season.


All of the above is an initiative from CONGU and England Golf to help, in particular, aging players whose ability is declining, in the hope that they can retain a competitive edge and extend their playing careers.

Much more information is available on the websites – & 

M.Barker (Match Secretary)

February 2018


Club Championship & A. L Boulton Salver - 2nd Round - POSTPONED

Due to heavy rainfall throughout the week and more forecast over the weekend, we have decided to postpone the 2nd Round of the Club Championship & A. L Boulton Salver. For a major club competition we would like the course to be playing at its best, the competition will be rearranged for later in the year.

Frank Colclough (Greens Chairman)


Club Championship & A. L Boulton Salver - 2nd Round Draw

The draw for the 2nd round of the Club Championship & A.L Boulton Salver are listed below.

If you are unable to play in this please contact the Pro-Shop as soon as possible.


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