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Leek Golf Club Members - Blog 11

How are you this week? I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful weather.

It is great weather for playing golf, and I am venturing out onto the course for the first time today. I am going to finish this blog when I have played, so that I can report on my game, or lack of it. Keep your fingers crossed.

Yet another change by Boris, so from Monday, we can accept up to 4ball groups. I realise that this is fraught with difficulty, but all the safety measures are still in place. Please do your best and make life great for yourselves and everyone else around you. Keep up with play in front and consider those behind you too. I would also ask that as we may have more cars on the car park, that your parking is perfect.

We are trialling this new system for a couple of weeks. Please let us know what you think, send your comments in and they will be carefully considered. If you have better ideas, then we would be delighted to hear them. In the meantime, please remember that whatever we do is aimed at the wellbeing and enjoyment of our members. This may not mean that everything for you is magical, but as a whole does it satisfy the needs of most of the members? We can carry on tweaking until you feel that we are somewhere near, but if the majority of members are unhappy with something then we can alter it. If you think that it works, then please tell us that too. Send your thoughts to

First this week is to welcome our new Head Greenkeeper, Dan Scanlon. Dan is coming from Tytherington Golf Club and he is bringing plenty of new ideas with him, along with a fresh pair of eyes. Please say hello to Dan and also to Steve Millar, who will also be joining Seth and Connor at the end of the month.

Congratulations go to Bernard Matthews and Neil Shenton who join Bo Robinson with holes in one. All happened on the 4th hole. Is this hole too easy? I need to speak to Dan.

Many thanks too to Phill Davies who has sponsored the new ball retrieving devices on each hole. They are attached to the pins and allow you to get the ball out of the hole without actually touching any part of the pin or the hole. Anything that helps with the health and safety of members is great by me. Reports back say that they are brilliant and make life much easier. Thank you Phill from everyone.

I have been talking to Barry Hughes this week. Barry and I were Captain’s together in 2009, and I, not sure about Barry, had a brilliant time. It was a great privilege to work with him, and I made a friend for life. Barry and his wife Gill are still very close friends. He told me this week that he has been writing stories for his granddaughter, and she is loving them. Keep them all together Barry, there is a book in there somewhere I am sure.

I remember when Georgie Taylor and I did the 100 holes in a day for my Charity, The British Heart Foundation, and we had 5 lots of caddies to support us all the way around the 5 rounds and 10 holes. For all those who helped, I will always be grateful. I had a brilliant day and hope that everyone else did too. Barry and Mike Wootton, who was vice captain, caddied one round for us. Mike caddied for Georgie and Barry caddied for me. Georgie’s clubs were safely looked after by Mike. Barry left mine all over the course, and the buggy had to be called into service to collect the pitching wedge or the sand wedge or the putter which had been left on various holes along the way. We were not always sure where! We loved it, and on a couple of occasions I was using completely the wrong club as the one I wanted was somewhere else. We had a great time and an unforgettable year. Thank you for making it so special Barry. I Have just spoken to him to ask permission to tell this story, and he asked me to ask all of you, that if you find any of his clubs, could you please return them to him? Mind you, I cannot give you any clues as to their whereabouts, as he has no idea where they are either! He is now down to 7 in the bag. Maybe I got off quite lightly, as I did get all mine back, eventually.

It is good to remember great days at Leek. Please tell me about yours, I would love to hear them. I can tell you that as I am typing this, I have a smile on my face, as I remember that particular day and many other glorious times spent at Leek.

Well, I am off to play and will report back later.

See you shortly.


Hi, I am back.

What a fabulous afternoon and evening. I have played 15 holes, and to be honest, I thought that I might have struggled to play 5, so I am well pleased. I have had some good shots and others which I have sprayed all over the place, but it has been fantastic, and it is really good to get back in the swing and onto the course. I thought that I might be joining the ‘hole in oners’ on the 4th, but unfortunately the ball stopped close, but short. I thought to myself ‘ do not drop in the hole, because no-one will believe me’.

Now I cannot wait to play again, but before then I need a soak, otherwise I may not be able to get out of bed tomorrow.

Whether you have played yet or not, I send you my very best wishes and please stay safe.

Oh, and just one more thing – please, please park within the bays on the car park, and leave sufficient space for members to get in and out of their cars. If your car is too big for the spot, then please park on the bottom area.



Created: 01-Jun-20 14:01

Leek Golf Club Members - Blog 10

Hi everyone,

A few weeks ago, on a blog, I talked about celebrating. I hope that you have remembered to do that. No matter how big or small the achievement is – CONGRATULATIONS! Give yourselves a massive pat on the back. Times are hard and sometimes sad, but you are still there striving. Congratulations to all of you for keeping the rules and being part of a very special episode in our Club’s history. Thank you for your support. You could not have done it better.

Can you believe that the blog has reached double figures? I hope that you have had a good week and have been enjoying this lovely weather. If you have played golf, then I hope that you have had a great round. And if you have sprayed the ball everywhere, then welcome to my world. And that is on a good day.

If you are still at home, I hope that you are staying safe, and loving this Mediterranean sunshine. When we all get back together, we will look as though we have been on the Costa del Sol for a month. Not worth going away now, even if we could. We should have been coming back from Mallorca this week. We have rented the same house for a few years and the family who own it are like our family. They have sent us a photo of them sitting on OUR patio drinking tea. Rub it in why don’t you? We hope that we will be there next year, but not sure if we will be able to afford the flights.

Another busy week in the life of Leek Golf Club. Every day on the course is virtually full, and many members are now playing for the second, third and fourth time.

After the weekend, the volunteers will no longer be on the car park. What a wonderful job they have done. Please continue to park prettily and do not take any risks. There will be a table at the top of the car park and a running order will be on it. Please remember to book in with Greg when you arrive. And please, do not arrive until 10 minutes before your tee off time. If you do, then please remain in your car until the allotted time. Do not be tempted to gather on the car park.

Please remember to take your litter home as the bins are still out of action. Thanks to Kev Perkin, we now have a tap on the 11th, so you can fill your water bottles up there. And, last thing on this, please keep reading the safety measures. They will become a habit.

I had a phone call from Hilary Tovell on Monday. She had received my hug and was sending one back over the telephone lines. How lovely is that? Back at you Hilary. She also rang to tell me that Win May has died at the age of 92. Win, who was a member for 35 years, was 80 when I was Lady Captain and I took her a bouquet of flowers from the Ladies’ Section. She was so thrilled, and I was so pleased that we had done it. She remained a house member until just a few years ago.

We are also sad to announce that Brian Louis Smith from Werrington has passed away this week at Tree Tops Nursing Home on May 16th. Brian had been a member at Leek for over 40 years.

Our love goes to their families and friends at this sad time. We are thinking of you.

Andy de Caso and his friends completed their 101mile bike ride for the Dougie Mac in under 5 hours. Great job Andy and friends. The total amount donated is now over £1000, to a wonderful cause, Well done, and proud does not even come close. Have a look on the website for photographs.

Another massive achievement is the hole in one by Bo Robinson this week on the 4th hole. Your timing was impeccable Bo.

I have been watching the news for what feels like forever. And when I am completely Coronavirused out, I enjoy looking at the rooms where people are being interviewed. It is usually their ‘study’. Now that is posh. Have you noticed their bookshelves? Do you think that they are a barometer of the level of intelligence of the owner? Robert Peston’s shelves go on forever, and they are not that tidy. Do you think that he has read every book? There could be a Dandy Annual or Roy of the Rovers in there somewhere. Or do you think that they collect the books from all over the house to fill up what would normally be a blank space? I end up turning sideways and upside down to try and read the titles. Have a look and see what titles you can come up with.

One interviewee had the kettle behind them this week. Now you are talking. A brew is far more important.

As we are now moving into Phase 2 of normality – well I think that we are, I wonder if you still want to receive the Blogs. I am happy to keep writing them, if you keep sending me your news, or if there is something funny that has happened. But I only want to do them for as long as you want them. If you have had enough, that is fine; if you want to continue, that is fine too. Just let me know.

Well, that is about it for this week. So, take good care and look after each other.

Stay safe,



NB. Thank you to everyone for complying with the rules at the Club. A number of minor incidents have occurred where members have taken it upon themselves to address issues of non-compliance themselves. Please do not do this. Any issues regarding non-compliance should not be addressed by members and must be reported to the office or the Professional. Thank you for your cooperation.



Created: 25-May-20 07:12

Dougie Mac Virtual 101 Mile Bike Ride

The Dougie Mac Bike Ride for 2020 had to be cancelled due to Coronavirus. Our Member Andy De Caso and friends never the less completed the challenge virtually. 

They have raised over £1000 in online donations. What a fantastic result!

Andy says "we are all very grateful to those that have contributed. We were in the saddle for 4hrs 53 minutes and completed the full 101 miles only stopping for a 5 minute natural break and to change my shirt. It was tough going at times but the group worked hard together messaging each other throughout the duration of the ride to keep everyone supported and motivated to finish.

All at Leek Golf Club are very proud of your achievements. Well done. 


Created: 20-May-20 11:21

Leek Golf Club Members - Blog 9

Hi to everyone who has played this week, and hi to everyone who is still at home, including me.

These blogs are for everyone, and I totally respect your decision to do what is right for you. The main thing is that you stay safe. I am sending hugs again, and particularly to Hilary Tovell. We have a hug whenever we see each other, but as we cannot do that, there is one flying over the ether to you, Hilary.

I think some of you who are over 70 may be unsure about playing or not. England Golf have said: ‘This decision is down to the individual golfer. The advice for clinically vulnerable groups remains the same. If you are in this group you are advised to stay at home as much as possible and, if you do go out, take particular care to minimise contact with others outside your household.’ Whatever you do, do not take any risks, and do what is right for you. Make sure that you stay safe. When you are ready, it will be great to see you at the Club (whenever that is right for me too), but in the meantime, you are just going to have to put up with the blog. Sorry.

It has been an unbelievably busy week at the Club, and everyone has worked their socks off to get everything open and rocking. With very little time, in fact no time to prepare, I am astounded, shocked, and humbled by the work and effort put in by all concerned to get play underway by the safest means possible. Every single member of staff: officers, office, Professional and greens, and every volunteer has had an essential role to play, and I for one, will never forget the energy and commitment which has gone into making all this possible. Wow, what an amazing bunch I have been working with. I am very lucky to be a small slice of it. Thank you. There have been very few spaces on the course, but It has been painless as you have wholeheartedly played your part by adhering to the rules and following all the instructions. Just cannot describe how good it has all been. BRS has been a real bonus and I hope that you think so too. It has made all our lives much easier, and I hope that you have found online booking to be a stroll in the park. Karen, Tracey and Greg, have been assisting members to log on, and from then on, it is away you go. One of the many things that Greg has been doing. He has been juggling 17 balls in the air all week. I do not know how he has done it, but nothing has been too much trouble, and I know that the players have received the best possible service. Good job Greg.

New member Stuart Dick had his very first round of golf this week. Welcome to Leek Stuart, I hope that it lived up to all expectations.

George Tatton, did it again; for the seventh year running George’s first visit back to Leek resulted in a score which was less than his age. You are a remarkable man George and Happy Birthday too.

Andy de Caso cycled miles for the Dougie Mac yesterday. A tremendous cause and a tremendous effort too.

The Police came to visit on Friday. Under normal circumstances that would have been a bit of a worry. But they thought that we were doing a grand job. Do not know how they saw anything, considering Jayne would not let them on the car park. Well, they were not booked in, so there was no way. They also apologised for coming in through the wrong gate. I call that a result. Those volunteers, they are terrific.

I am sending out a plea: it would appear that we have a quantity of low flying golf balls on the course. Some players may be a bit rusty and have not swung a club for a while. I am thinking though, that whilst we have been in lockdown that your voices have had quite a lot of exercise. So, if you hit a wayward shot, then please shout immediately. Do not wait to see where the ball is going, if in any doubt yell, and yell loudly. If you think that it would be useful, Greg has had the all clear to start teaching again, so you can book in with him and Jacob for lessons on 01538 384767. Long play teaching times are limited, because the 2 balls come thick and fast on the 16th, and those lessons have to be early. But bookings for: short play, pitching, putting, and bunker practice are much more flexible. So, if you want to have a warmup before you play or having played you think that you wished you had picked up a club more often during lockdown, then give them a ring. I put my clubs in the car before the 23rd March, and I am appalled to say that they are still there. Well, I have been busy!

For everyone still at home, please get in touch on and let me know what you have been doing. My skipping is not getting any better, but I think that I may have solved the problem. My rope is too long! Do you believe that? No, neither do I, but I am improving, a little bit, and I am blaming the rope for my ineptitude. The tap dancing has hit the buffers. It is a bit boring, or it may be that the teacher on the DVD is so uninspiring. She really irritates me. I have the concentration span of a gnat, so cannot really believe that I am still writing blogs and still enjoying it.

Our village is starting to get busier. It has been heaven on a plate with no-one around, and I have been able to walk up the middle of the road and listen to the birds. I am going to really miss it. Walkers are starting to appear, and although the pub is still not open, the roads are filling up. The reservoir is still closed, but people park their cars and then we do not see them for two hours, so I think that they must be getting onto the footpaths somehow.

I am still very worried about Coronavirus. We are so not out of the woods, and there is still a chance that we may get put back into lockdown. Please do not take any chances and follow all the guidelines.

Take good care of each other and until next week,


Created: 18-May-20 07:34

Leek Golf Club Members - Blog 8

Hi everyone,

Things are certainly now moving on very quickly. And although we have planned as much as we can, we may have to alter some arrangements to accommodate opening pretty fast, if that happens.

I am writing this before Boris says his bit on Sunday, so if parts are a bit ‘What???’ then you know why.

A very busy week. It is really important to keep all you lovely members in touch with everything that is happening. Much of the time we are not sure either. I wrote to George Tatton this week, saying that my crystal ball was in for overhaul, as I cannot predict what will happen next.

I have heard from Andy de Caso. He and a friend should have been doing a 101mile bike ride on the roads for the Dougie Mac this coming Sunday 17th May. Because they cannot do this, they are going to ride virtually, with all the ups and downs of the real route. If you would like to help, then please contact him. Good luck Andy, we shall be thinking of you.

I love to hear that so many of you have set up WhatsApp groups. You probably know each other better now than you did when you just played golf. How great is that? I hope that you are organising your golf groups so that you can book in on BRS. I am so thrilled that members are keeping in touch. I love being part of this community. My golf group send each other videos, and silly pictures. One of the early ones is still my favourite. It is ‘I am sending you a virtual hug’. How true, please accept it from me.

I had a great email from my old friend Don Eardley on Monday. He says, ‘Things must be bad when the only thing I have to look forward to is the Monday morning blog!’ Thanks Don… I think.

Then, to cap it all, our very own Tracey Johnson sent me a video of her daughter skipping like a professional. She was so good, and I am so impressed. My excuse is that Tracey’s daughter is 16. Mind you, I am up to 18 skips, so there is some improvement. That is not to say there is not room for plenty more.

I hope that you received the Safety Measures document on Thursday and read it and thoroughly digested it too! Sorry it is like War and Peace, but we have had to try and cover every eventuality. If there are any questions you would like to ask, then we could set up a question and answer section, and we will do our best to solve your query.

Word of warning do not play emojis with Kev Perkin. I set up a challenge with him this week and lost badly. In fact, I should not have started. He won with the moving ball actually dropping in the hole, and in colour. I cannot compete with that, and so I am going to practice and see what I can come up with. Congratulations Kev and get ready for round 2.

Finally, a very big thank you to our Captain, Arthur Doherty, who has purchased a bottle of sanitiser for every single member. Thank you so much Mr. Captain. What a star you are. We will get them to the Club as quickly as possible so that they are ready for you when we open. Please can I remind members though, if you feel that you need a mask or gloves, then please bring them with you, as sourcing them now is difficult.

You are likely to hear from me quite often from now on; yes, I know, but I have SO much to tell you. Bear with the Leek Golf Club team. We just want to look after you.

Until the next episode, take good care of yourselves, and stay safe you special people.



Created: 11-May-20 10:19
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