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 Hi everyone,

Blog 3 and how are you all doing? We are still chugging along and still cleaning. I think it should be like Strictly Come Dancing … Keeeeep Dusting!!

You are probably now cleaning the house for the umpteenth time. Housework is so boring isn’t it? So, what else are you doing? The Flower household have set up an indoor golf course. Jennie is going to send me some pictures, but I am envisaging under the chair and into the jam jar, and down the stairs into the bucket. Any other ideas? It may be easier for you to set something up outside like a crazy golf course. You could try chipping the ball off the shed roof and onto the kids’ trampoline – what do you say Greg? I hope that you have seen this week’s newsletter, Greg has loads of ideas, and he is also posting them on his facebook page: Leek Golf Club Pro Shop. Some lovely pictures too of the course on the Leek Golf Club facebook page; be assured that our hallowed turf is being cared for and nurtured. The staff are doing a great job.

Would like to say an enormous thank you to everyone who has volunteered their services to help members. I now have a list, and if anyone else wants to join it, you would be most welcome.

I had a lovely email from David Smith regarding support for doing the shopping. Two of David and Ursula’s grandsons are helping out. David writes that he photographs the shopping list and texts it to them alternatively. One grandson, who is dating a nurse, sticks to the list, no deviation. However, according to David, the other grandson hasn’t found the love of his life yet and is unlikely to do so judging by his deviation from the list (anyone know a millionaire with a 21-year-old daughter?). They now have the dearest coffee known to man, steak the size of half a cow and other items that took his fancy but weren’t on the list. It’s a good job they didn’t stock caviar!!! David and Ursula left a message for Mark - keep to the list! Love it you two and enjoy some great meals. It is lovely to see the community spirit of everyone and thanks again for helping out.

I said in Blog 1, that there were some things that I would not revert to after this is all over, and keeping in touch better, is definitely something I intend to maintain. Our neighbours at home have been brilliant. We are close in age to the self-isolation section of the country, so we are being sensible and not venturing through the gates, except for our walk each day; so our neighbours have been picking things up for us, and now that my chocolate stash has been replenished, life is good. Max, thanks to Dave Brookhouse, has his Sentinel delivered, we never thought that that was possible living out in the sticks –He is delighted. He had been going through withdrawal, but now the smile is back. Let me just make that clear; Dave Brookhouse is not delivering the Sentinel, he told us about how to do it! Glad we got that cleared up.

When we were talking about how simple life used to be, some members sent examples of what their mums did – like Sunday afternoon tea with salmon sandwiches and home-made cake, followed by tinned fruit and evaporated milk. I think that Marg Yeomans and I must have gone to the same teas, we certainly used to eat the same things. We are still wondering how they managed to feed a family of four with one tin of salmon! Special treats for us were a whole Kit Kat to yourself instead of having to share it. What bliss!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I could really do with a haircut. Maria and Mike Wootton were saying that we would all look like hippies by the time this is over. Now, those WERE the days, and Mike and Maria, this I want to see! I do realise that there will be plenty of members who will not have a clue what I am talking about when I say Hippies, as they are too young. But believe me, I am totally aware that I am part of the very lucky generation who grew up with: The Beatles, Elvis, The Rolling Stones, Woodstock, Flower Power and The Animals. Plus, one of my favourites, The Beach Boys, who are still going. They have got to be going on 80, but like my mum used to say to me ‘classic never goes out of style.’ I am now beginning to question her judgment! I am not too decrepit though to say that there is a lot of good music around now too. Got any favourites? Let me know, and I can remind other members of good music now as well as then.

I love getting your news and funny things that have happened over the week, please keep them coming, and unless you tell me not to, I would love to pass some of them on to the other members.

Keeeeeep writing, OH NO, we are back to Strictly again.

See you next week and look after each other you extraordinary people.



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