Safety Measures - COVID 19

Dear Visitor,

Thank you so much for choosing to play at Leek Golf Club. We hope that you have a great time.

Due to the Coronavirus, there are some instructions which we need to make you aware of, as we take steps to protect our members, our staff, and yourselves. Our priority is to look after everyone on the course and ensure that each person knows what is expected of them.

The instructions below have been designed to clearly state all the things which you will need to do to comply with the rules of our Club. They need to be carried out to the letter. There are no ifs, buts or maybes, these are the rules. If we fail to stick to them, we will be putting the continued opening of our Club at risk.

Please take them very seriously and keep safe yourself and your fellow golfers safe too. Do not take any risks.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Leek Golf Club

Personal Safety

  • If you are in any doubt at all or showing any signs of Coronavirus, please do not come to Leek Golf Club.
  • You are responsible for your own safety and must not put others at risk.

  • If you see anyone not adhering to the rules; if you do not feel that you can say something, please report the misdemeanour to the Professional. 

  • Do not touch anything which is not yours.

  • Do not help anyone. If there is an incident on the course requiring first aid, then contact the Professional immediately.

  • Please do not pick up any rubbish or drop any either.

  • Use sanitisers.

  • Keep at least 2m from anyone else.

  • Do not shake hands.

  • Take your litter home with you.

  • Take a mobile phone with you onto the course.

Playing Golf

  • All players must book in. No-one will be allowed to play unless they have a booking.

  • You may wish to bring your own sanitiser and safety equipment with you.

  • Arrive on the car park no more than 10 minutes before your tee time.

  • If you arrive early, then stay in your car until your allotted time.

  • Come ready changed for golf, and change your shoes in the car.

  • Toilets will be available in the Locker Room, but players can only use them on a one-in, one-out basis. Please keep them clean.

  • Toilet on the 10th will be open. Please keep it clean.

  • Arrive on the tee no more than 5 minutes before your tee-off time.

  • Do not tee off until you have been signed in by an official.

  • On completion of your round, go straight home taking your equipment with you.

  • Bring your own refreshments. There will be a drinking water tap outside the millennium hut, but all other water fountains have been disconnected. Any drinks brought onto the course must be non-alcoholic.

  • Take all your rubbish home, there will be no litter bins on the course.

  • Anyone not sticking to the rules will be asked to leave, as failure to abide by the conditions could result in the Club losing its right to remain open.

  • The Club will be open from 10 minutes before the first tee time until 5.30pm. Any bookings after this time will be required to be in accordance with the guidelines.

Mode of Play

  • All play at this moment will be in 2’s. Do not join up with another group.

  • If you do not keep up with the group in front, then pick up your golf ball and walk to the next hole.

  • Do not call another group through.

  • Buggies can be used by one person only.

  • Initially all play will be social.

  • Keep at least 2m from any other person, both members and staff.

  • All play will start at the 1st hole.

  • There will be no bunker rakes, so please attempt to leave the bunker tidy.

  • Leave the pin in the hole.

  • Do not touch the flag.

  • Be warned that the ball will not drop into the hole.

  • Always keep your glove on.

  • Do not pick up anyone else’s golf ball.

  • Do not stop on the course, it is important to keep the flow going. 

Stay safe, stay alert and thank you for playing at Leek Golf Club

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