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Hi everyone,

Things are certainly now moving on very quickly. And although we have planned as much as we can, we may have to alter some arrangements to accommodate opening pretty fast, if that happens.

I am writing this before Boris says his bit on Sunday, so if parts are a bit ‘What???’ then you know why.

A very busy week. It is really important to keep all you lovely members in touch with everything that is happening. Much of the time we are not sure either. I wrote to George Tatton this week, saying that my crystal ball was in for overhaul, as I cannot predict what will happen next.

I have heard from Andy de Caso. He and a friend should have been doing a 101mile bike ride on the roads for the Dougie Mac this coming Sunday 17th May. Because they cannot do this, they are going to ride virtually, with all the ups and downs of the real route. If you would like to help, then please contact him. Good luck Andy, we shall be thinking of you.

I love to hear that so many of you have set up WhatsApp groups. You probably know each other better now than you did when you just played golf. How great is that? I hope that you are organising your golf groups so that you can book in on BRS. I am so thrilled that members are keeping in touch. I love being part of this community. My golf group send each other videos, and silly pictures. One of the early ones is still my favourite. It is ‘I am sending you a virtual hug’. How true, please accept it from me.

I had a great email from my old friend Don Eardley on Monday. He says, ‘Things must be bad when the only thing I have to look forward to is the Monday morning blog!’ Thanks Don… I think.

Then, to cap it all, our very own Tracey Johnson sent me a video of her daughter skipping like a professional. She was so good, and I am so impressed. My excuse is that Tracey’s daughter is 16. Mind you, I am up to 18 skips, so there is some improvement. That is not to say there is not room for plenty more.

I hope that you received the Safety Measures document on Thursday and read it and thoroughly digested it too! Sorry it is like War and Peace, but we have had to try and cover every eventuality. If there are any questions you would like to ask, then we could set up a question and answer section, and we will do our best to solve your query.

Word of warning do not play emojis with Kev Perkin. I set up a challenge with him this week and lost badly. In fact, I should not have started. He won with the moving ball actually dropping in the hole, and in colour. I cannot compete with that, and so I am going to practice and see what I can come up with. Congratulations Kev and get ready for round 2.

Finally, a very big thank you to our Captain, Arthur Doherty, who has purchased a bottle of sanitiser for every single member. Thank you so much Mr. Captain. What a star you are. We will get them to the Club as quickly as possible so that they are ready for you when we open. Please can I remind members though, if you feel that you need a mask or gloves, then please bring them with you, as sourcing them now is difficult.

You are likely to hear from me quite often from now on; yes, I know, but I have SO much to tell you. Bear with the Leek Golf Club team. We just want to look after you.

Until the next episode, take good care of yourselves, and stay safe you special people.



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