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General Club Noticeboard : Leek Golf Club Members - Blog 5

Hello Everybody.

Can you believe that we have been doing this for over three weeks? The time goes by really quickly, and yet it feels as though we have been like this for ages. Very weird.

Please look at the website for a screen shot of the second board meeting. I have to ask the question: ‘would you buy a second-hand car from any of these people?’

Although that was the second Zoom meeting, the board members have been constantly in touch since lockdown, and in fact, I have had more conversations with them, both written and verbal, than I have with Max.

It is a very difficult time trying to plan and is a bit like slicing custard. As soon as we decide something, the goalposts get moved and we start all over again. Be assured dear member, that your board is working very hard to ensure that we can open the course at the first opportunity.

I think that I need to warn you though, that not everything will be available on the first day. There will be things that cannot be opened until we can get into the buildings, like deep cleaning, sorting out the kitchen, disinfecting the cellars, ordering bar and catering supplies and ensuring that everywhere is safe for you all. Thank you for your patience.

I have been receiving lovely messages from you and got one this week from Gill Armstrong who is at her house in France with Angie. They are keeping busy through lockdown which in France is until at least May 11th. Gill says that she is missing seeing people but is keeping in touch through technology. To be honest, Gill, I don’t think that you would notice the difference between the two countries. Of all the things that I miss, the main one is personal contact. And, don’t talk to me about social distancing. I think that it should be called anti-social distancing. I am just missing everyone so much.

Pete Leese emailed regarding music. Pete is keeping busy with recording his weekly show for the Radio Ship which includes music from Radio Caroline (remember them from the 60s & 70s?). Pete invites members who enjoy music from that era to go onto the link: www.theradioship.net and go back in time.

If you haven’t seen the photo of Jennie Flower’s golf course, please go to the website. I tried to put it on with the blog last week, but it wouldn’t fit. Likewise, the screen shot of the board. Do look for photos there.

Now we are starting another three weeks of lockdown, we just need to hang in there. By the way, I have had to stop wunning, it is wrecking my knees. I am back to walking. Maybe I need to recognise my age. On the app I was using, the overriding message was ‘celebrate’, and that is a good message. Celebrate the start as well as the finish. If you run, then celebrate the fact that you got out there and started. If you have been in touch with people you haven’t been in contact with for a while, then celebrate. And if you have people in your life that you love, then celebrate that too.

We are enormously lucky, and I am celebrating that fact. For some, this time is incredibly hard and our thoughts this week are with the family and friends of Jeanne Smith, who died last Saturday. We send our very best wishes to her loved ones and remember and celebrate good times on the course with Jeanne.

Please keep in contact and send me your news. It would be lovely to share it with everyone. Email me on nbdirector@leekgolfclub.co.uk. I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay safe you lovely people.



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