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Hi there,

And how are you all? I am writing this before the Government meeting on Monday, but I am assuming that nothing has changed. And, if it has and lockdown is over ……..WOOOOOOWWWWW!

Before I get too carried away, I hope that you are staying safe, and finding lots of things to do. I am now reviewing my routine. First of all, you may say ‘What routine?’ and how right you are.

I have even written it down and split it into hourly activities, and am I sticking to it? What do you think? I can get distracted very easily. Something more interesting comes along, and then whatever I was planning just goes out of the window. I then have a major guilt complex. Do you have the same problem? Yes? Right, so give yourself a break. It is not crucial to be filling every second of your time doing jobs and feeling that you just have to be doing something, anything.

I am here to give you full permission to slow up, sit down, read a book, have a coffee, do some exercise if that is what you want to do. But, take a break and smell the roses. The world is a wonderful place and we need to appreciate it and everything in it a bit more.

Yes, by all means carry on doing the cleaning, and catching up on things which need doing, but make sure that you leave some time for you. You are very precious, and the world would not be the same without you.

Right, lecture over.

It has been lovely to receive your news, please keep it coming to nbdirector@leekgolfclub.co.uk. Remember I told you about Jennie Flower’s family building an indoor golf course? I could not have got it more wrong. I enclose a photo of their tabletop course. I think it is brilliant. Let me know what you are doing and how you are keeping yourselves occupied and building in a bit of relaxation too.

Members have been telling me how lovely it is when folk walking past, knock on the door and then retreat to say hello from the end of the drive. Mike and Maria’s daughter Nic and her husband had a conversation from the road this week.

Hazel McCrady emailed to say, ‘thank God for the phone’. It is so good to be able to stay in touch and talk to friends. I have Whatsapp and Skype, and it is great to actually see people too. Can recommend it. I would like to say that my technology skills have improved, but unfortunately, they haven’t. I get someone else to sort it out and set it up, and then I take all the credit! Other than the wonderful technology at our fingertips, it is a bit like returning to a bygone age. I did not grow up during the war, but there was rationing until I was 3, and I don’t recall it. I just wondered if any of our members remember stories from that time, like Trevor Eccleston who wrote that his uncle cut up an old tyre so that he could sole his own shoes. Times then were really hard, and it went on for years. For me, now, is probably the worst experience of my lifetime, but I count myself as lucky.

I am attempting to keep fit, although sometimes it falls off the end of that routine sheet and I have started to wun. Yes, you heard it right, I wun. It isn’t a walk and it isn’t a run; it is a bit in between. So, is that a wun or a ralk? Can’t decide which, but think I prefer the wun. Other people will walk quicker than I can wun. It takes me about 20 minutes, and I go really slowly, but try hard not to stop. I am doing it as part of the programme on my meditation app. It says you are killing two birds with one stone, but I am not convinced yet. Seems to me like hard work and feels like it is killing me, let alone two birds. It says that at the end, you should be looking forward to your next run. I don’t think so! I hope that I will come to enjoy it, but I have never been much of a runner, so I have my doubts.

The Board had its first internet meeting this week. It was highly successful once we had sorted everything out. It may even come to the stage where we continue to operate like this. Saves a lot of petrol. Does this make us Zoomers?

Regarding officers, I would like to welcome back Dave Allen who has kindly consented to take on the role of Health and Safety Officer. Good to have you on board David.

I hope that you are continuing to tune into facebook for Greg’s page on Leek Golf Club Pro Shop, and on to Leek Golf Club’s page, where there are some lovely photos.

Finally, on behalf of Leek Golf Club, I send best wishes and love to George. I had an email from him this week, to say that he had received lots of cards and wanted to thank everyone for their kindness. We are thinking of you and your family George.

We will see what next week brings, and in the meantime look after yourselves and cherish each other. Until then,



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