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Hi everyone,

Well, I think that this is it. Now that we are out of the bubble of lockdown, I really do feel that the blog has run its course. We have lasted for 15 episodes, which is quite a lot longer than some television programmes, so I think that that is a result, and hope that you do too.

I am just having a bit of a reminisce and it is hard to believe that it was such a short time ago, that we were talking about how we were coping and what we were doing to keep ourselves occupied during lockdown. Not only that, but also how we communicated with each other. We all seem now to be experts on Zoom, Team and Skype. If nothing else our computers skills have dramatically improved. How good is that?

What has been great is the ability for me to say ‘hello’ to individuals and groups. It really has for me been like writing a letter to a treasured relative, and I have loved it. I hope that you have all felt a part of the Leek Golf Club family.

It started off as something to keep everyone informed about what was happening, and just checking that everyone was alright. It then took on a life of its own and was incredibly easy to write. You sent me funny things which had happened and things that you thought that other members would relate to - and they did. Like Marg Yeomans and me having the same Sunday tea when we were kids, and Trevor Eccleston and Tony Swindells remembering things about relatives from the war. Mike and Maria Wootton having a lengthy conversation with their daughter Nikki from either end of the drive. It was just fascinating.

Good too to hear from Angie and Gill in France when that felt like another planet. It is good to have them back now, albeit temporarily.

What about George Tatton? Yet again completing a round (gross) in less shots than his years. You are an inspiration to all of us George.

What a cause for celebration, and I go back to a blog some weeks ago, where I talked about celebrating what we can do and what we have.

During lockdown we were more appreciative of the finer and smaller things in life, like good neighbours and birdsong. We must not forget those really important aspects of our lives which mean so much but get lost when we spend our lives concentrating on more trivial and less important things. Lockdown enabled us to see the bigger picture, and we must not run the risk of putting the blinkers back on.

The members of Leek Golf Club have been totally brilliant at following the safety measures and considering other members. It has been a humbling experience. Please do not let us slip back into our own worlds. Do not forget about social distancing, keeping safe and staying vigilant. Keep going.

As from today, I would be grateful if you would send your comments and questions to Karen and Tracey in the office. Their email address is: enquiries@leekgolfclub.co.uk.

They will then send your emails onto the most appropriate officer. We have been turning around messages in less than 48 hours in the main, but this arrangement may now take a little bit longer. We will aim to get a response within 5 working days.

I have heard that our super assistant professional Jacob Bagshaw is working hard to raise £2000 so that he can compete on several mini tours this summer. As you can imagine, I have not found this out through Jacob, but Stewart Townsend contacted me to ask if I could put something in the blog, so that if any members felt that they could contribute to his fund, then that would be great. Stewart and the members that he plays with, have already decided to donate £200 to Jacob’s fund, and if anyone else, either as an individual or as a group would like to help Jacob on his journey, I am sure that he would be overwhelmed.

More good news is that our Financial Director applied for a grant from Sport England which was available to sports clubs throughout lockdown. This week a cheque for £5,000 has arrived, and we are grateful to Andrew for his efforts.

Our Greens Staff will be up to quota today when Steve Millar joins the team. Please say ‘hello’ to him when you see him on the course.

Finally, and if this is my last task, then I am delighted. It is to say that tomorrow is the birthday of the Club’s oldest member. Stan Hickman will 95 on the 30th June. HAPPY BIRTHDAY STAN. We send you lots of love and hope that you have a wonderful time.

Well that is it everybody. It has been a blast and I am very grateful that you have allowed me into your homes and your worlds. I would not have missed it for the anything. Thank you to everyone who has written in. Thank you to the team at the Club, who have been spectacular. Thank you to Leek Golf Club. By the way, I had to put in a’ how good is that?’, because Greg says that that is what I always say, so, back at you Greg- Perfect.

Take care you lovely people.




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