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Hi Everyone,

Blog number 14! Would you believe it? Are you sure you still want these? Do let me know and tell me what you think. I am happy to do whatever you want.

Well, our Club continues to evolve. As I promised from the beginning, we trial things to see if they work. If they do, fine, if they need a tweak, we do that, and if they are just not working, then we go back to the drawing board. We are trying to do the things which the majority of the membership want us to do, and I hope that you have felt that you can get in touch and let us know your thoughts, whatever they happen to be.

And, at this point I want to give my thanks on behalf of the team, to all of those members who have taken the trouble to send positive messages, and their thanks for our efforts – even when we do not always get it right. It is good to know that you realise that we are doing our best and will continue to strive to do so.

We have no problem in changing things backwards and forwards until we get it right. That may take some considerable time. But we will always listen, review, trial, review, and do this as many times as you like. The right solution is not going to happen overnight, but the journey is worth it. It is also very exciting, as so much is new and innovative. We are ‘going where no-one has gone before’. I have said it before, join us on the roller-coaster.

Right, why did I do that? Oh yes! We were talking this week about ‘what is normal?’. I keep hearing ‘when will this get back to normal?’ I am now suggesting that this is the normal, and what we did before was the ‘old normal’. For example, remember a few weeks ago, I told you that we are now having the Sentinel delivered, instead of me either making a special trip to Leek to get one, or trying to remember to pick one up on the way back from somewhere. Very dodgy that when my mind is thinking of something else. So many times I reached home without the Sentinel, a heinous crime. The big problem with picking one up, usually meant that I could spend anything up to £10 or £20, when all I had done was go for the Sentinel. Worked out to be a very expensive Sentinel. Now it is delivered, it not only saves me money, it is one less thing for me to think about, and I no longer get the ‘well I know that you did your best……’ after I have been to 4 shops searching in vain for the precious text, usually because I was late leaving golf!

The delivery has definitely become the normal for this household. It is positively liberating!

There are other things too. We eat more healthily. We waste less food. We enjoy each other’s company more because we have learnt to respect each other’s space. We keep in touch with loved ones more. The new normal? Bring it on. Let us embrace what is normal now. Take the best bits out of the ‘old normal’ and build on all of those precious experiences which we have had, are now having, and will have in the future. Does that sound like a plan?

It is not often that I become philosophical ( I can’t even spell it) or wax lyrical about issues, but in a way, the blogs allow me to do this, and I hope that you know that these are my thoughts and I do not speak on behalf of anyone else. So maybe I need the blog to be able to do this. This is getting a bit too deep. Stop it Nel.

On another theme, plans are afoot to open the Clubhouse as soon as the Club deems it safe to do so, and certainly not before July 4th. It will depend on the Government and England Golf to give us the go ahead. There is a lot of work to do and this is going to take some organisation and planning, so please bear with us. We will not be taking any risks with safety, and numbers are going to have to be carefully calculated before the doors are opened to the bar. There are a lot of decisions to be made and a load of preparation required.

Finally, there is now a lost property box in the Pro’s shop, which contains so much stuff that we could have a stall at the next car boot sale. Normally, members would pick up articles which players before them had dropped. But of course, that can no longer happen. If you have lost anything, then it could be in the box. Don your gloves, sanitise and keep safe before exploring its depths.

Take good care you lovely people.



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