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How are you this week? I hope that you are enjoying this beautiful weather.

It is great weather for playing golf, and I am venturing out onto the course for the first time today. I am going to finish this blog when I have played, so that I can report on my game, or lack of it. Keep your fingers crossed.

Yet another change by Boris, so from Monday, we can accept up to 4ball groups. I realise that this is fraught with difficulty, but all the safety measures are still in place. Please do your best and make life great for yourselves and everyone else around you. Keep up with play in front and consider those behind you too. I would also ask that as we may have more cars on the car park, that your parking is perfect.

We are trialling this new system for a couple of weeks. Please let us know what you think, send your comments in and they will be carefully considered. If you have better ideas, then we would be delighted to hear them. In the meantime, please remember that whatever we do is aimed at the wellbeing and enjoyment of our members. This may not mean that everything for you is magical, but as a whole does it satisfy the needs of most of the members? We can carry on tweaking until you feel that we are somewhere near, but if the majority of members are unhappy with something then we can alter it. If you think that it works, then please tell us that too. Send your thoughts to nbdirector@leekgolfclub.co.uk

First this week is to welcome our new Head Greenkeeper, Dan Scanlon. Dan is coming from Tytherington Golf Club and he is bringing plenty of new ideas with him, along with a fresh pair of eyes. Please say hello to Dan and also to Steve Millar, who will also be joining Seth and Connor at the end of the month.

Congratulations go to Bernard Matthews and Neil Shenton who join Bo Robinson with holes in one. All happened on the 4th hole. Is this hole too easy? I need to speak to Dan.

Many thanks too to Phill Davies who has sponsored the new ball retrieving devices on each hole. They are attached to the pins and allow you to get the ball out of the hole without actually touching any part of the pin or the hole. Anything that helps with the health and safety of members is great by me. Reports back say that they are brilliant and make life much easier. Thank you Phill from everyone.

I have been talking to Barry Hughes this week. Barry and I were Captain’s together in 2009, and I, not sure about Barry, had a brilliant time. It was a great privilege to work with him, and I made a friend for life. Barry and his wife Gill are still very close friends. He told me this week that he has been writing stories for his granddaughter, and she is loving them. Keep them all together Barry, there is a book in there somewhere I am sure.

I remember when Georgie Taylor and I did the 100 holes in a day for my Charity, The British Heart Foundation, and we had 5 lots of caddies to support us all the way around the 5 rounds and 10 holes. For all those who helped, I will always be grateful. I had a brilliant day and hope that everyone else did too. Barry and Mike Wootton, who was vice captain, caddied one round for us. Mike caddied for Georgie and Barry caddied for me. Georgie’s clubs were safely looked after by Mike. Barry left mine all over the course, and the buggy had to be called into service to collect the pitching wedge or the sand wedge or the putter which had been left on various holes along the way. We were not always sure where! We loved it, and on a couple of occasions I was using completely the wrong club as the one I wanted was somewhere else. We had a great time and an unforgettable year. Thank you for making it so special Barry. I Have just spoken to him to ask permission to tell this story, and he asked me to ask all of you, that if you find any of his clubs, could you please return them to him? Mind you, I cannot give you any clues as to their whereabouts, as he has no idea where they are either! He is now down to 7 in the bag. Maybe I got off quite lightly, as I did get all mine back, eventually.

It is good to remember great days at Leek. Please tell me about yours, I would love to hear them. I can tell you that as I am typing this, I have a smile on my face, as I remember that particular day and many other glorious times spent at Leek.

Well, I am off to play and will report back later.

See you shortly.


Hi, I am back.

What a fabulous afternoon and evening. I have played 15 holes, and to be honest, I thought that I might have struggled to play 5, so I am well pleased. I have had some good shots and others which I have sprayed all over the place, but it has been fantastic, and it is really good to get back in the swing and onto the course. I thought that I might be joining the ‘hole in oners’ on the 4th, but unfortunately the ball stopped close, but short. I thought to myself ‘ do not drop in the hole, because no-one will believe me’.

Now I cannot wait to play again, but before then I need a soak, otherwise I may not be able to get out of bed tomorrow.

Whether you have played yet or not, I send you my very best wishes and please stay safe.

Oh, and just one more thing – please, please park within the bays on the car park, and leave sufficient space for members to get in and out of their cars. If your car is too big for the spot, then please park on the bottom area.



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