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Hi Everyone,

Does this make me a blogger? Well, I think that is quite cool. But I am only a blogger if someone reads it, so there you go, humour me please!

I am going to attempt to write something each week for all Club members. Just to keep in touch, just to say thinking about you, just to say are you alright and just to say anything else you can think of. Is that O.K?

Week 1, and I already don’t know what day of the week it is. My routine used to let me know that, you know: walk on Monday, Golf Tuesday, Spanish Wednesday, Pilates Thursday, and crash out on Friday.Now everything is merging, but in quite a nice way.

Are you keeping busy? How many of you have already: cleared out the shed, bathed the dog, had a birthday which has come and gone without any razzmatazz? Very strange.

Don’t do everything in the first week, just take your time. Do you think that this is going to be over quickly? I would dearly like to think it will be, but I have my doubts.

I am currently steam cleaning the whole house. If it moves, in fact, if it doesn’t move, it gets steam cleaned. I suppose that this is the opportunity to do the spring cleaning. I feel as though I am turning back into my mum and grandmother. I am beginning to think that the old ways are the best.

I have been talking to my mate Georgie, and we reckon that Mother Nature is giving us a bit of a kick. She (when it comes to common sense, it must be a woman!!!) is saying, ‘I have given you every chance to put things right, and you have continued to abuse me. Right!! Now will you listen?’

I am determined to not go completely back to how I was. For a start, I am going to waste far less, particularly food. We may have some odd combinations for tea, but I am not going to throw good food away.

Do you feel differently, and think that perhaps you should change some things? What would you like to change?

Finally, there will be a time when we can get together again on the course. How lovely will that be. So, in order to be ready, why not try a bit of exercise to keep all the joints loose? Have a swing without a club, and get that back going, and why not chip a ball into a bucket down the garden? Greg’s Facebook and Leek Golf Club Facebook page has some ideas. But the clothes are not compulsory!

Hope you have enjoyed this and see you next week. Let me know if you think it is worth doing.

Stay safe you wonderful people.



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