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Junior Section Competition Results

HDB Robinson Rose Bowl for Juniors (23rd April, 2022)


The 1st official competition for juniors in 2022 had a new format with ‘Red’ & ‘Blue’ Divisions as we move towards ‘Red’ Division players qualifying for World Handicap System (WHS) official handicaps.

The ‘Red’ Division was won by Theo Sigley-Kirtley with an excellent nett 29 (48-19) and is the winner of the HDB Robinson Rose Bowl.

The transition of players handicaps from blue to red tees has worked really well and only 6 shots separated 2nd – 8th, and 6th - 8th all recorded the same score!

The ‘Blue’ Division was won by Austin Rogula in his first competition, and again the scoring was close with 6 shots separating all 4 players.

Peter Cordon – Junior Organiser


‘Red’ Division                  Nett            Gross minus Handicap

1st Theo Sigley-Kirtley      29            (48-19) HDB Robinson Rose Bowl Winner

2nd Elliot Leake                35*            (55-20)

3rd Spencer Pickin            37             (54-17)

4th Lewis Foxall                39*            (50-11)

5th Alex Salmon                40*            (67-27)

6th Theo Khalifa                41             (55-14) Back 3 15

7th Matilda Rushton          41*            (66-25) Back 3 17

8th Millie Salmon              41              (66-25) Back 3 20


‘Blue’ Division Medal

1st Austin Rogula              38                 (65-27)

2nd Oliver Carter               40                 (66-26)

3rd Albie Carter                 42                 (69-27)

4th Freddie Brazier           44                  (71-27)


Scores marked * indicate maximum hole score adjustment.


Created: 05-May-22 14:29

Junior Section - New Season Information

The new competition season for the Junior Section commences on 9th April with the ‘April Medal’, and is followed on 23rd April with the ‘HDB Robinson Rose Bowl’.

Competitions are open to all junior members, and are a great way for new juniors, or existing junior members who have not played in competitions previously, to meet other members of the section. We also encourage non-playing parents to get involved, and to ‘walk the course’ with their children. Although there is obviously a competitive element for juniors who want to gain a handicap, or reduce (!), the competitions also have a social element, so please don’t be put off by the word ‘competition’.

Tee times are reserved from 9.15-10.15am on Saturday competition days. For the April competitions we are trialling the ‘old system’ of meeting at 9.00am and allocating groups by the junior organisers, rather than pre-booked tee times on BRS. This will be reviewed at the end of April.

On Saturday 23rd April, after the competition, we will be holding a presentation at 2.00pm for award winners from 2021. We have had several attempts of holding this presentation but have been thwarted by ‘Covid’ each time. There will be a buffet, and parents are welcome to attend. We also want to encourage all junior members to attend as we will also be discussing matters relating to the new season, including rules advice, and handicap protocols.

The Junior section has ‘Whatsapp’ and email groups where we circulate information during the season. We do not contact junior members directly without parental consent, and we always copy parents on any social media communications.

Parents of Junior members can also view ‘Safeguarding’ policies and protocols on the home page of the Club website by pressing the ‘SafeGolf’ tab.

For further information I can be contacted by mobile on 07775-580117 or by email prcordon@outlook.com

Hopefully we can look forward to an uninterrupted season!

Peter Cordon

Junior Organiser


Created: 26-Mar-22 08:46

Ward Trophy / August Medal for Juniors (14th August, 2021)

Junior Section Competition Results


Although there were no entries for the 18 hole competition, the 9 hole competition was well represented. This competition is slightly unusual in that the Ward Trophy is awarded to the overall winner, and the August Medal to the runner-up. As there was no 18 hole competition, the Trophy and Medal winners came from the 9 hole competition.

The Junior Section has impressively increased in numbers this year, beyond pre-Covid19 levels. In addition there have been, to date, a total of 19 junior members competing in competitions, with 10 different winners.

The winner of the Ward Trophy was again a new junior member, Lewis Foxall, with a very impressive nett 24. Lewis follows in his brother Harrison’s footsteps as a competition winner this season! Runner-up, and winner of the August Medal was Spencer Picken with a nett 28 – a score which would have won most competitions this season!!

The 9 hole, blue course, competitions are a great introduction to the junior section and a way of meeting other members. (This applies to parents as well!!). Any junior who has not entered so far is more than welcome – the next competition being the Norman Turner Trophy on 28th August. Tee times can now be booked on BRS.

Peter Cordon – Junior Organiser


18 hole Stableford Nett Gross minus Handicap

No entries


9 hole Medal

1st Lewis Foxall 24 (51-27) Ward trophy Winner

2nd Spencer Pickin 28 (47-19) August Medal Winner

3rd Oliver Carter 31* (58-27)

4th Elliott Leake 32 (54-22)

5th Grace Pennington 33 (60-27)

6th Alex Salmon 35 (62-27)

7th Matilda Rushton 36 (60-24)

8th Theo Khalifa 38 (52-14)

9th Millie Salmon 42* (66-24)

10th= Henry Rushton 50* (77-27)

10th= Albie Carter 50* (77-27)

Scores marked * indicate maximum hole score adjustment.


Created: 17-Aug-21 12:26

Duncan Evans Trophy for Juniors (7th August, 2021)


Due to Covid jabs, family holidays, double bookings (ie. normal school summer holiday issues!!!) entries for both the 18 hole and 9 hole competitions were lower than normal. As there were no entries for the 18 hole competition, the decision was made that the winner of the 9 hole competition would also be the recipient of the Duncan Evans Trophy.

In the 9 hole competition, all nett scores were below par, which is a reflection of the improvements in standard of golf by all the ‘blue tee’ group in the junior section. I’m pleased to say the competition winner of the 9 hole competition and the Duncan Evans Trophy is one of our newer members Oliver Carter – well done Oliver!

Peter Cordon – Junior Organiser


18 hole Stableford Nett Gross minus Handicap

No entries

9 hole Medal

1st Oliver Carter 27 (54-27)

2nd Elliott Leake 29 (52-23)

3rd Spencer Pickin 31 (50-19)

4th Theo Khalifa 35 (49-14)

Scores marked * indicate maximum hole score adjustment.


Created: 12-Aug-21 13:27

Grenville Freeman Trophy for Juniors (17th July, 2021)

Junior Section Competition Results - Grenville Freeman Trophy for Juniors (17th July, 2021)

The Grenville Freeman Trophy for juniors was an unusual junior competition – it was sunny and hot for an entire day, and not a drop of rain!!

The senior 18 hole group playing for the main trophy saw the Junior Captain, Corey Wentworth, win his first trophy of the season with 32 points (including a birdie 2 on the 7th, and Peter Malkin runner-up on 29 points.

The 9 hole competition, playing off blue tees, witnessed some excellent scores from our promising group of young golfers. Out of an entry of 10 players, 5 scored nett par or below, and nearly all the players were below their season average.

The winner of the 9 hole competition was Spencer Pickin with an impressive nett 28 (49-21). Oliver Vincent was runner up with a nett 32 (59-27) along with Theo Khalifa, also scoring a nett 32 (46-14). A new member of the group, Oliver Carter scored a very respective nett 39 in his first official club competition.

Peter Cordon – Junior Organiser


18 hole Stableford Nett Gross minus Handicap

1st Corey Wentworth 32pts n/a

2nd Peter Malkin 29pts n/a

9 hole Medal

1st Spencer Pickin 28 (49-21)

2nd = Oliver Vincent 32 (59-27)

2nd = Theo Khalifa 32 (46-14)

4th Matilda Rushton 33 (58-25)

5th Elliott Leake 36 (59-23)

6th Alex Salmon 37 (64*-27)

7th Grace Pennington 38 (65*-27)

8th Noah Bellamore 38 (65-27)

9th Oliver Carter 39 (66*-27)

10th Henry Rushton 43 (70*-27)

Scores marked * indicate maximum hole score adjustment.


Created: 21-Jul-21 07:07
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